Holy Mountain offers referrals to several of Chicago’s most exceptional independent Dominas and Switches. Each has a unique set of skills and interests, and a style that is all Her own. All are graduates of Cleo Dubois’s Academy of SM Arts, and all are Priestesses of the Order of Acéphale, working their magic at Holy Mountain. Click below for full details:

sophiaMistress Sophia
(Born Diva and Seductive Destroyer)

maraMiss Mara
(Long Tall Psychedelic Fantasy)

lucindaMistress Lucinda
(Exotic and Intoxicating Egyptian Deviant)

sukiaMistress Andrea
(Brazen and Risque TS Rope Mistress)





After a brief By contacting Her through Her personal web site, you will be put in touch directly with the Priestess of your choice to discuss the particulars of your potential session.

Would you prefer that we recommend a Domme or Switch based on your interests? Write or call our office.