Holy Mountain Membership

260290359_5641c3e3d2_mIt’s come to Our attention that there are bottoms, subs, slaves, fetishists, and other kinksters who would like to become more deeply involved in the continuation of Holy Mountain’s success.  For those who find themselves enjoying the space and the company of the Priestesses, We have set up a membership plan whereby you may express your appreciation and devotion and gain special privileges in return.  As soon as we have formed relationships with at least 6 members we will be holding special parties and rituals solely for devotees – Our exclusive group of contributors.


Silver Charm Devotee – $100 per month

True Blue Devotee – $500 per month (3 month or 6 month commitment)

Full Spectrum Devotee – $1000 per month (6 month commitment)

To apply for membership, or if you have questions, please fill out the form below:

 silver charm ($100 per month) true blue 3 ($500 per month for 3 months) true blue 6 ($500 per month for 6 months) full spectrum ($1000 per month for 6 months) undecided


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